Friday, January 4, 2013

Johnnie Sue's Portrait Session

Johnnie Sue’s Portrait Session
      I’ve known Johnnie for two years now.  She started as my real estate agent and quickly grew into a wonderful friend.  She truly is such a great person and will bend over backwards to help anyone.   

      She came to me one day with a request.  She wanted me to help her create a birthday surprise for her husband.  She had a vintage photo session in mind, styled like the 1940's.  She wanted to incorporate elements from the Air Force, since her husband is retired Air Force.  Of course I said yes!  
      Planning the secret photo session was alot of fun.  Johnnie had to sneak her husband’s hats and uniforms out of the house so we could use them.  She also had to sneak his 1972 Duster out of the garage.  So finally, after all of our preparation, the day of the session arrived.  We went all over Little Rock, even up to the Air Force base in Jacksonville, to capture some great images.  It was a lot of fun and we certainly surprised her husband!


 Johnnie's husband is from New York, so we used an old New York Map

This was her husband's old barracks at the Air Force base


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